Kasey O'Leary Boulder PT

Kasey O'Leary

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Physical Therapist

Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. I am based in Boulder, Colorado and have been helping clients on their healing journey for 25+ years.

Are you experiencing challenging health issues that you don’t know how to change?
Do you have an acute injury or chronic pain that needs addressing?

If you are overwhelmed in trying to figure out where to turn next, know you don’t have to do it alone. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach and Physical Therapist, I help people just like you realize your health and wellness goals through physical therapy treatment, health focused education, guidance on lifestyle choices, and dietary support.

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Physical Therapist

What You Can Expect

As your Functional Medicine Health Coach, we collaborate to create lasting behavioral change in exercise and movement; diet and nutrition; sleep and restoration and stress management to change the root cause of chronic heath conditions. Health is the cumulative outcome of small choices we make on a daily basis! As your Physical Therapist, my goal is to return you to the things you love to do with increased ease and joy.

HEALING: a journey of converging pathways that lead you to your best self.