About Kasey O'Leary

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Physical Therapist

I am a Stanford educated, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapist with over 25 years of clinical experience.

Over the years I have observed the importance of treating the whole body for full recovery. The hour I spend one on one with my clients fosters a deep rapport where I have the privilege of hearing their stories. It is through these stories that I discovered the additional importance of incorporating behavior and lifestyle choices in order to make more permanent change.

This important discovery led me to the field of functional medicine health coaching. A primary tenant of functional medicine is that it aspires to find the root cause of disease in order to treat more than just symptoms. It does this in large part by addressing modifiable lifestyle choices.

To my great delight functional medicine also has a “food first” philosophy; once we start to make better food choices improved physiology follows. Since I love all things food related I was hooked.

Outside of work my three girls keep me busy. Time in the kitchen, running trails with my dog, swimming with a masters team, cycling and skate skiing keep me sane!

Our health and wellness is the cumulative outcome of all the small choices we make on a daily basis.