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Physical Therapy

We spend an hour of one-on-one care where we get to the root of the problem and seek a permanent solution. Whether you suffer from tendonitis of the shoulder that keeps you out of the pool or off the field; lateral epicondylitis that makes holding a racket or rock climbing painful, or Achilles pain that inhibits your trail running and hiking, I can help.

If you are trying to manage an acute or chronic spinal problem my thorough assessment, gentle mobilizations, movement retraining and individualized core strengthening program will improve your functional mobility and decrease your pain.

Kasey O'Leary Physical Therapist Boulder

Physical Therapy Services

manual therapy

Manual Therapy

Hands on mobilization techniques used to restore motion to joints and soft tissue. This may include direct mobilization, Muscle Energy Techniques, cross friction massage and deep tissue release.
Movement Retraining

Movement Retraining

Includes observation of movement patterns, local stabilization, general strengthening and neuromuscular re-education.
physical therapy services

Integrated Dry Needling

IDN is a practice developed by Dr. Yun Tao Ma designed to address neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. Based on modern medical science including anatomy, physiology, pathology and neurology, this treatment modality uses very fine filament needles. The needle insertion creates both local and systemic changes which stimulate the body’s self healing and self repair mechanisms. This ultimately leads to restoring tissue homeostasis or balance which reduces pain and inflammation and improves neuromuscular function.
class IV laser

Class IV Laser

Use of the class IV laser accelerates the body’s healing response through photobiostimulation. The highly concentrated light energy increases cellular regeneration and speeds up the body’s inflammatory response. Some of the physiological effects are decreased pain and inflammation, increased tissue repair and healing, increased circulation and improved nerve function. It has been used to successfully treat tendonitis, ligament sprains, back and neck pain, rib fractures and wounds. Treatment protocol for acute injuries is 6 treatments within a 3 week period. More sessions may be necessary for chronic conditions.

Therapeutic Taping

The use of Kinesiotape to reduce tissue swelling, decrease pain and protect an injured joint, ligament or tendon. It can also improve proprioception and body awareness.

Post-Op Rehab

I have many years of clinical experience working with various post operative conditions including rotator cuff and ACL repairs, total hips, knees and shoulders, discectomies and spinal fusions.
Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga

In 1998 I received my certification in yoga instruction through Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA. Combined with my understanding of anatomy, injuries and alignment, I can guide you in choosing which asanas will support and further your rehab and wellness goals.